SUPERSOFTCARE is a line of NW AIRLAID SUITABLE FOR ACQUISITION Distribution layer(ADL) for Feminine napkins and panty liners, adult incontinence products and baby diapers. It is a three/four layer web, each one has got a different performance.

Application field

  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Adult incontinence products
  • Baby diaper products

Key features

  • Acquisition and distribution layer in a single web; each layer with an individual property
  • Fast acquisition and distribution time (Liquid Strike Through Time)
  • Low liquid quantity back to skin contact (Wet Back)

Product description:

Finished product specification:

Slit Roll Dimensione

  • H min 50 mm
  • H max 1800 mm
  • ø max 1000 mm (preferable)
  • Core ID 76 mm (standard) or 152 mm (upon request)


  • H min 35 mm
  • H max 100 mm
  • Product in box of 120 cm (length)
    *110 cm (width)
    *100 cm (high)


Standard products:


Main S.p.A. is ready to develop new products with the final converter according to required weight and performance parameters.