Airnett and Coloured Airnett

Airnett and Coloured Airnett (production temporarily suspended)

Airnett is a line of NW airlaid dust free suitable for print and for any disposable product like towels, table top, napkins, mops, wet wiping, requiring soft and textile touch and low formaldehyde content. For table top a range of colors is available.

Application field

  • Feminine hygiene product : adl for sanitary napkins and panty shields
  • Personal care goods: demake up pads, dry and wet wipes
  • Wipe industry: dry and wet wipe
  • Healthcare: refreshing towel, disposable hairdresser towels
  • Household goods: table top, napkins, wipers, mops, dusters

Key features

  • Dust free, soft and textile touch products
  • Uniform material distribution (no beaching pattern)
  • Low formaldehyde content

Product description:

Finished product specification:

Slit roll dimension

  • H min 50 mm
  • H max 2000 mm
  • ø max 1200 mm (preferibile)
  • Core ID 76 mm (standard) or 152 mm (upon request)


  • H min 30 mm
  • H max 100 mm
  • Product in box of 120 cm (length)
    *110 cm (width)
    *100 cm (high)

Standard products:

Main S.p.A. is ready to develop new products with the final converter according to required weight and performance parameters.