Foodpack HA, Foodpack HAF

Foodpack is a line of NW airlaid with or without Super Absorbent Fiber (SAF), suitable for composite pads for food packaging application (meat pads, fish pads,food tray liners), thanks to its very high liquid absorbency.

Application field

  • Food packaging industry: meat pad, food tray liners

Key features

  • Very high liquid absorbency
  • Good delamination resistance
  • Wet core pad structure not disintegrable
  • Sintetic Super Absorbent Polymer in Fibre far away from surface layers

Product description:

Product concept

Foodpack HAF a multi layer product consisting of:

  • First layer : fibre, pulp and EVA binder
  • Second layer: Sintetic Super Absorbent Polymer in Fibre,
    bico fibre, pulp
  • Third layer: bico fibre, pulp and EVA binder

Foodack HA a single layer product consisting of fibre, pulp and eva binder


  • Pulp
  • Thermo bonding fibre
  • EVA binder
  • Sintetic Super Absorbent Polymer in Fibre

Weight range
From 70 to 500 gsm

Finished product specification:

Slit roll dimension

  • H min 50 mm
  • H max 2000 mm
  • ø max 1200 mm (preferable)
  • Core ID 76 mm (standard) or 152 mm (upon request)


  • H min 30 mm
  • H max 100 mm
  • Product in box of 120 cm (length)
    *100 cm (width)
    *100 cm (high)

Standard products:

Main s.p.a. Is ready to develop new products with the final converter according to required weight and performance parameters.