MAIN adopted an air-laid forming process based on Dan Webforming. Both Thermobonded Air-laid and Multibonded Airlaid can be produced, utilizing a wide variety of raw materials and formulation techniques including products with super absorbent powder and fibre. The investment of a festooning machine offers to the hygiene customers a further vantage of choice between air-laid in rolls or air-laid folded in boxes.
The Airlaid manufactured by MAIN delivers a soft-cloth-like hand feel while continuing to provide a very low level of dust and superior dry and wet tensile strength.
Main can also supply composite products, laminated with a number of nonwovens according to the customers and the market request. The capability of making on line multilayer products allows MAIN to design, develop and manufacture a wide choice of absorbent cores products.
The products represented in this category are feminine hygiene, adult incontinence, training pants and baby diapers. The uniquely flexible airlaid process combining several raw materials into complex formulations also allows to make products for food packaging industry.
MAIN has also developed innovative products for the large wiping cloth market. Products in this category are represented by medical wipes, adult and baby wipes, kitchen towels, hot towels, cleaning wipes and industrial wipes.
Furthermore MAIN has developed its own technology to make coloured webs for table cloths and napkins.

Laboratory Q.C

Quality Control Laboratory through:

  • Specific Sampling and Test Plan
  • Specific Disposition for each customer

is able to ensure compliance and quality of incoming raw materials and outgoing finished products.
Every single production-order can be traced from all points of view to ensure an immediate response to customers


R&D Department is able to give technical support to customers in order to:

  • improving products in use
  • develop new products

Thanks to the experience and expertise gained and with the help of equipment and instrumentation installed in our labopratory we can:

  • carry out infrared analysis with a Perkin Elmer Spectrum Two IR
  • evaluate melting point temperature of fibre with Perkin Elmer DSC 4000
  • fulfill a complete characterization of Panty liners, Sanitary Napkins, Diaper according to the USA and EU standards

In our laboratory we have from Marketing Technology Service:

  • Absorption Test
  • Liquid Acquisition, Leakage and Overflow
  • Spreading and Wicking Test

From Lenzing Instruments:

  • Strike through Time
  • Lister Wet Back
Plant Capabilities

  • Trimmed width = 2000mm
  • Basis Weight range = 50 to 500 gsm
  • No.4 drum forming heads
  • Carrier sheet capability
  • No.4 hammer Mills
  • Cutted fibre feeding system for each forming head
  • SAP powder feeders
  • SAF fibre feeders
  • On and off line embossing system
  • Roll pressing to 0,170 g/cc density
  • Latex foam application to one or both sides of the web
  • Quality Control Scanning for Basis Weight
  • Complete Quality Assurance Lab facilities
  • Roll packaging including bar code labelling for each roll / pack, roll edge protection, stretch film wrapping
  • Narrow roll slitting to 55mm on 76mm ID cores (152mm core also available)
  • Festooning
  • Wide range of airlaid colors
  • Defect inspection system by camera